My Mediation Practice

Mediation is the best option for people who want to make decisions about their own lives and not leave those decisions up to someone who knows nothing about them or their life. Mediation is less expensive, takes less time and is often more satisfying than proceeding with a trial. My philosophy is Empower, Dignity and … Read more

Teaching And Speaking

Monica currently teaches Mediation and Advocacy as an Ad Junct Professor at Arizona Summit Law School. She teaches law students the basics of, and theory behind, mediation. This includes how to be an effective mediator and how to represent a client in a mediation. In a litigious society such as our own, mediation is a … Read more

Education and Experience

Monica is a legal commentator, ad junct professor, mediator and practicing attorney with her own successful practice. She has a diverse legal background that has provided her with the experience necessary to be uniquely qualified to comment on the varying legal topics and issues of the day. She currently co-hosts The Agenda and is KTAR … Read more