Why Mediation

Mediation is often the best option for people who want to make decisions about their own lives and not leave those decisions up to someone who knows nothing about them or their life.

Mediation is less expensive, takes less time and can be more satisfying than proceeding with a trial.

My philosophy is Empower, Dignity and Respect.

I empower the parties to participate in their own lives;

I treat them and the process with dignity and respect;

And, to be perfectly candid, I throw in a healthy dose of common sense and reality. ”

We have all been, or are just one step away, from being in an unfortunate situation; whether it be a divorce, a custody dispute, a workplace situation, a contract dispute or the like. Often, the communication between those involved has broken down or has completely disintegrated. I help the parties (and their attorneys) find an effective way to communicate, either to each other or through me, to resolve the issues between them.

Not just any person, judge or attorney can be an effective mediator. Not only does it take training and experience, it takes someone who has that special ability to actively listen to the parties and understand what they are experiencing. To stay focused on a peaceable outcome with the parties, thus reducing the drama and volatile emotions that can often lead to a breakdown.

I understand the needs of high profile cases and personalities and work to fulfill those needs. When necessary I work with other professionals such as Certified Divorce Financial Planners to ensure a healthy and successful result for the clients.

Contact me today to schedule a mediation to get you or your clients on the path to resolution.