Teaching And Speaking

Monica currently teaches Mediation and Advocacy as an Ad Junct Professor at Arizona Summit Law School. She teaches law students the basics of, and theory behind, mediation. This includes how to be an effective mediator and how to represent a client in a mediation. In a litigious society such as our own, mediation is a … Read more

I Cannot Afford My House, Now What?

If you were like many in the past five years or so you probably jumped on the “investment” bandwagon and now find yourself with a piece of property, or two or three or four that you cannot pay for. Many of my clients find themselves in this situation and confess that they are simply overwhelmed … Read more

Do You Really Know Who Touches Your Books?

Do you really know who touches your books? Do you really know the people that work for you?  Too often I have had clients come to me for advice when a trusted employee has taken advantage of them.  At times it has been money, other times it has been equipment or clients.  You can never … Read more