Teaching And Speaking

Monica currently teaches Mediation and Advocacy as an Ad Junct Professor at Arizona Summit Law School. She teaches law students the basics of, and theory behind, mediation. This includes how to be an effective mediator and how to represent a client in a mediation. In a litigious society such as our own, mediation is a popular alternative that can bring resolution to people’s lives without the astronomical costs. Monica focuses on preparing her students for mediations as well as practicing law in the “real world.”

Monica also gives presentations on a variety of topics to various groups. In the recent past she has given presentations (sometimes for continuing legal education credit) on speaking and working with the media, the Jodi Arias trial, and Deflategate.

Author Profile
monica k. lindstrom
Monica K. Lindstrom
Monica has had a diverse and successful legal career, which has led her to focus her practice on mediation. She has made the shift from zealously advocating for her clients to compassionately helping others resolve their disputes.

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